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A space opera where the Ocean is the final frontier; a new serialized web novel coming soon to Literalchemy!

Hundreds of meters beneath a turbulent, uninhabitable surface, where light barely reaches through the distortions of the water, the communist Labor Union of Ferris, Lyser and Solstice scratches out a living for its people in colonies won in revolutionary war against the vast and mighty Nocht Empire. With the Nocht Empire and the Republic of Alaize locked into war, the Union bides its time and builds its strength, hoping to be ready to defend itself when the Empire returns.

Underwater, our actions create unstoppable ripples with consequences reaching farther away than any would imagine. When the Empire enters an era of chaos and warlordism, the Union sees its chance to finally steer the tide of history in their favor. To connect the disparate resistance movements awakening in the Empire into a revolutionary front, a young crew aboard an experimental ship will embark on a journey across thousands of kilometers of ocean, discovering unlikely allies, dangerous foes and a myriad truths about life under the vast, brilliant blue water that surrounds their entire world.

A small amount of preview chapters now available! Full launch Coming soon! Updates once a week starting August 2nd.

Logo credit: @ganbariley on twitter!

“Unjust Depths” and other writing and art copyright © 2011-20 Madiha N. Santana. All Rights Reserved.
Any resemblance to real persons or events is historical homage or purely coincidental.