Outdoourcing Now On Sale!

I’ve started the process of writing expanded versions of the stories on the blog into ebooks.

Outdoourcing is now up for sale in various venues!





For $2.99 you get an edition that contains new scenes, expanded scenes, better editing and flow, and twice as many words as the original, all used to deliver more hyper-evolved jungle demon action, investment drama and good-natured hunting humor. Every purchase helps me keep writing this blog, which I will continue to write entirely for free, for the foreseeable future!

Next up, I plan to work on a completely original ebook-exclusive story called Gorgewings: A Consumerist Horror Story. It will feature the return of our favorite computer peripheral, the Kill-Slate 3G with KOS, aiding a brand new protagonist against a brand new foe in a brand new setting. Watch out for that too once it drops. I also hope to have a bunch of Ladybird stuff made into an ebook at some point, once I have few more stories (like Library completed, the one I’m planning after that, and the Ackley mini stories, as well as a few ebook exclusives). Look forward to that, as well!

Thanks for all your support so far!


Liked Outdoourcing? Why not buy the expanded Ebook Edition? New scenes, better edited, expanded scenes, more dialog and crazy animals, more Gartruck, and a cool cover! You’re also supporting more writing on this blog! Grab it today in every ebook format!

Out of the deadly waters of the Samanon river thrust a massive fish, jaws snapping as though piston-driven, twisting in mid-air, its muscles engaging pockets of gas along its tail that propelled it toward the hunters’ riverboat. It ricocheted off the engine block, back into the water, and swept around for a second leaping blow.

Gartruck Killshuck cartwheeled aside the fish’s scythe-like tail, the razor-sharp blades grazing a fold of wrinkled skin along his jaw. Undershooting the side-rails, the fish found itself grounded, flopping menacingly on the floor of the river-boat. With a great bellow, Gartruck withdrew his peppermace and began clubbing at the flopping, fiendish creature with the weapon’s burning, crystallized capsaicin head. In a killing frenzy the fish blew its gas jets and whipped its tail, man and beast suddenly caught in a furious exchange; but each slicing sweep delivered by the fish merely ripped into Gatruck’s flak jacket, while his blows pounded the beast, taking its tail, disfiguring its gills, and finally smashing the pulp out from its chainsaw-like rows of teeth. It twitched in its death throes, issuing acid and noxious bile, before coming to rest upon the deck.

“Lancing Shotfish. One hundred pounds,” said Surly, the digital hunting organizer. “Encounter recorded into memory. KillSlate uploading to Hunt-Tube now.”

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